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The award-winning drama series, that captivated audiences with its gripping story and spellbinding performances, premiered on BBC One on April 29th, 2014. The series, which stars the talented Sarah Lancashire and Siobhan Finneran, was written and created by the accomplished writer, Sally Wainwright. Directed by the talented team of Wainwright, Euros Lyn, and Tim Fywell, this series was the beginning of a television sensation.

With two more seasons airing in 2016 and 2023, the show not only captivated audiences with its compelling storyline but also won the hearts of critics, receiving the BAFTA Award for Best Drama Series in 2015 and another BAFTA for Best Drama for its second series.

The setting of this series was as equally captivating as its storyline and performances. Set and filmed in the picturesque Calder Valley, West Yorkshire, the show showcased the region's rich cultural and historical landscape, including the charming towns of Hebden Bridge and Sowerby Bridge. This region offers a diverse mix of grand mill owner's mansions and gritty back-to-back terraced houses, providing a perfect backdrop for this award-winning series.

The Calder Valley is also home to many historic landmarks, including Shibden Hall, set in 90 acres of parkland, and the industrial mill complexes of Dean Clough and Shaw Lodge, making it a popular destination for many big-name, award-winning productions.

If you are planning a "Happy Valley" weekend away, we have collected a list of locations that you can go and visit to relive the series first hand.

That dramatic car scene between Tommy Lee Royce and the Knezevic's gang ended in the rolling fields above Luddenden, near Halifax.

That dramatic car scene between Tommy Lee Royce and the Knezevic's gang ended in the rolling fields above Luddenden, near Halifax.

Knezevic gang members Ivan and Matija finally got their comeuppance in the last episode when the police raided their house on Ripon Street in Halifax and arrested them. In the plot of the show the house should have been located in Queensbury but the Halifax street was used.

Catherine's house has been a staple location for all three series of Happy Valley. The Hebden Bridge house is located around Hangingroyd Lane and Cleveland Place.

In episode 5, Catherine's ex-husband Richard had a meeting with Halifax mafia member Darius Knezevic at Holdsworth House but when he arrived he discovered the meeting had been cancelled. Holdsworth House is located in Holmfield and has been used to film a number of different TV shows over the years including Last Tango in Halifax.

In the penultimate episode Tommy Lee Royce could be seen cycling past Ovenden Moor Wind Farm to Warley Moor Reservoir, up above Wainstalls, Halifax after escaping from court.

After making his escape from court, Tommy Lee Royce went to hide out at house in Highroad Well off Gibbet Street in episode 5.

Ivan was seen waiting for fellow gang enforcer Matija on the corner of Winding Road and Cross Street, in Halifax.

Ivan and Matija fled the scene of a police raid at the start of episode 4 and were seen driving down Paw Lane, Queensbury, turning onto Corporal Lane.

Making a return to our screens after being used in series two, Ryburn Valley High School, Sowerby Bridge is the school that Ryan attends in series three. The outside, inside and playing fields have been used in the show.

Another location frequently used across the three series, the first episode of the current series saw officers having an issue with someone on Tuel Lane in Sowerby Bridge.

The old Halifax swimming pool was made into the new police station used in the third series of Happy Valley. The characters used to work at a police station that was located in Sowerby Bridge.

A body was found in Baitings Dam during episode one. The real Baitings Dam is located near Ripponden but these scenes were filmed at Buck Park Quarry, Denholme.

New characters mean a new location and scenes in Rob and Joanna Hepworth's house were filmed at Stones Drive in Ripponden.

Renamed as Bell Street Kitchen for the show, Joanna and Faisal had another meeting in episode two at the Shay Cafe on Hunger Hill in Halifax.

Tommy Lee Royce is locked up in Sheffield prison in the third series of Happy Valley. Scenes for the inside of the prison were filmed at Shrewsbury Prison.

Locations in Wakefield and Halifax were used to film scenes during the trip to Sheffield prison. Bolton was used for the dramatic conversation between sisters Catherine and Clare at a cafe.

The outside of the police station may be the old Halifax swimming baths but the inside is filmed at Dean Clough, Halifax in F Mill.

Neil and Clare's house, that we've seen in episodes 3 and 4, is located on Hangingroyd Road in Hebden Bridge.

The dramatic climax of episode 3 was filmed at Bath Place, Boothtown, even though in the Happy Valley universe it took place in Queensbury.

Ann and Daniels house isn't located in Calderdale, it's over the border in Bradford. Upper Headley Hall, a grade I-listed Elizabethan hall, in Thornton was used as the location for the couple's house.

Scenes at Greater Leeds Crown Court were actually filmed at the former magistrates court in Bolton.

Deansgate One Stop Shop in Bolton was used as Rico's Newsagent, where Tommy Lee Royce changed into his cycling disguise at the end of episode four.

The flats around Brooksbank Gardens in Elland have been used throughout the series and are located behind the pharmacy where Faisal works.

Many viewers will have spotted that Ryan went to Leeds to see Tommy Lee Royce from the real Hebden Bridge Train Station.

The real Leeds station was used to film the scenes when Ryan gets off the train in Leeds.

Faisal's daughters, Maira and Anisha, were dropped off at school in episode three. This was filmed at Rishworth School.

The Nisa Local on Crown Street in Hebden Bridge made an appearance in episode four.

In episode 4, Catherine and Ann had a number of conversations outside the police station, filmed at the back of the old Halifax swimming baths.

Like the Hepworth family, pharmacist Faisal and his family live in Ripponden, on Stones Drive.

Clare could be seen walking down a cobbled street in Thornton in episode four.

Tommy Lee Royce could be seen riding down Vicar Lane in Leeds at the end of episode four, having just escaped custody.

According to Screen Yorkshire, Cold Edge Road / Withens Road in Wainstalls was used for a number of car driving and drone scenes, including at the start of episode one.

Scenes for Brooksbank Pharmacy were filmed on Albert Street in Elland. The location made its first appearance in episode one of series three.

The Piazza Centre in Huddersfield is home to the second location of Brooksbank Pharmacy and first appeared in episode two.

A tense conversation took place between Joanna and Faisal in episode two with Greenhead Park in Huddersfield as the backdrop.

Clare and Catherine parked on the streets of Sheffield in episode two, but the location was actually Ackroyd Place near Broad Street Plaza in Halifax.

Eight Sixteen At The Engine Room at Dean Clough was used as a location in episode one.

Knead Pizzeria & Bar, which is located in Halifax town centre, popped up in episode two as a dramatic conversation took place.